Become a successful
and profitable
photo-/ videographer

Make a living from your camera – without
needing years of experience and the most expensive tools.

Become a successful
and profitable
photo-/ videographer

Make a living from your camera – without
needing years of experience

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Have you always loved photo- and videography but you weren’t sure whether you could make a living off your camera? Well, you can! 


This is for you if: You’re starting out as a photo-/videographer but you have no clue where or how to start OR you have been in the industry for a while but you’re feeling stuck:

When I started out in the industry I felt completely overwhelmed and lost. I simply didn’t know where to start and there was nothing really educational out there based on actual in-industry experience so I decided to figure it all out by myself. It took me a solid 5 years to learn everything about photography, videography, marketing and branding while making countless mistakes. I promised myself that, if I could figure out how to make a living off my camera, I would teach other creatives to do the same. 

Fast forward: I finally created a business strategy that has allowed me to travel to over 35 countries to shoot campaigns, meet incredible people and have multiple 5-figure months as a freelance photo-/videographer and I am determined to teach exactly how I did it in my 5-week program!

Trust me, I know how you feel right now…

Tell me if this
sounds like you:

Imagine how incredible it's gonna feel when you:

Wake up in the morning, grab your camera-bag and you get picked up by a car that drives you to the airport where you meet your incredible creative team for the upcoming days. 


You fly to an amazing destination to shoot the next campaign of a brand that you’ve always wanted to work with. The client tells you to do what you do best and you feel your confidence and creativity sky-rocket. 


This is where you’re meant to be, this is what it feels like to live your passion and chase your dreams. After the trip you see your work displayed on their website, socials and maybe even a bill-board. YOU did that. Oh and, not too shabby to see the €9987,- added to your bank account, right?

When I just started out I lived in a small city in the Netherlands. I had no connections to any type of creatives, brands or artists besides my parents. I just knew I loved making videos and photo’s in my spare time. I studied Communication, Multimedia & Design, expecting to learn the ins and outs about the creative industry and how to get a job that would fulfil my hunger to create but, well, it didn’t…


It took me about 5 years to crack the code and find my

own style, make connections with all sorts of people in

the industry and nailed networking anywhere at anytime.

After these 5 years of working my ass off, I started to get e-mails from brands that wanted to work with me, went on countless business-trips to incredible locations to shoot campaigns, met so many cool people, gained financial-freedom and overall happiness because I was doing what I loved most.


Since I missed having a study or a mentor that could help me enter the creative industry as a freelancer, I’ve always had this voice in my head saying: “If I figure this stuff out, I am gonna teach young creatives to do the same” It’s crazy to me that in a time where media and visual art is so important, regular creative-studies are still lacking so much depth and practical tools to succeed.


So that’s exactly what this is, this is the one and only tool-kit you need to succeed as a freelance photo-/videographer. I am sharing over 8 years worth of trial and error so you don’t have to make the same mistakes as I did. I’m guiding you through all the steps you need to take from where you are right now to a place where you can confidently say that you are a full time, profitable and successful photo-/videographer. Based on the real industry, not based on theory books. HOW COOL?!

I am so excited you are here, choosing YOU. I know investing can feel scary but investing in your dream life means that you’re taking yourself serious as a creative, once you start believing in yourself, the possibilities are literally endless…


Here’s why this is different than anything else out there:



Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

Total Value: €2122,-   ///  ACTUAL PRICE: €697,- incl vat



  • Get the ultimate tool-kit: what equipment, software, accessories do you need and what do you need it for?
  • Take control over your camera, learn how to use it to its full potential and explore creative techniques with me.
  • Get the look that’s screaming YOU and find out what looks big creators use and how they use it: light, sound, overlays, color grading.


  • Find and define your own unique style. Train your eye to find and incorporate different styles.

  • Find and define your ideal client. What does that perfect job look like? The clearer the picture the easier you attract what you want.

  • Define your short- and long-term goals to set up your personal business strategy. (I’ll also share my strategy that has helped me work all over the world with my dream clients).



  • Learn how to set up up a converting portfolio that will attract your ideal clients.
  • Set up your socials for succes.
  • Learn about instagram marketing and start generating leads.
  • Learn how to built and use your network to convert leads into paying clients (Including e-mail templates).
  • BONUS: My personal client method that has generated consistent growth in my business.


  • Learn about your money mindset and how much that influences your income (you attract what you radiate, so let’s work on that.)
  • Get an exclusive insight on the current market-rate. What do other creators earn per job and how do they calculate their price?
  • Calculate your price for any project, based on 5 simple steps.
  • BONUS: how to negotiate any price with any client using my 25% range strategy.


  • Learn what questions to ask your client during the brainstorm phase to get a clear concept.

  • Master visualising your ideas to make the communication proces with the client run smoothly.

  • Time to shoot! A step by step guide on how to prepare, set-up and run a shoot with confidence.


  • E-mail templates to pitch yourself to new clients
  • Brochure template “communicating with clients”
  • 4 workbooks to help you implement the knowledge into your workflow
  • Business strategy template
  • In-studio examples with professional model
  • Ultimate pricing guide to calculate your day/hourly-rate
  • Creative techniques for camera and edit – spice up your work and discover your unique style


Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

Total Value: €2122,-  /// ACTUAL PRICE: €697,- incl vat

I have put everything I’ve ever learned, all the mistakes I’ve ever made (so you don’t have to), all the steps I took and all the work I’ve put into the past 8 years to get where I am today into ONE place. All of this will be available in an online course, in which you’ll learn exactly which steps to take in what order to become a confident, profitable and successful photo-/videographer. It’s built into 5 modules including video’s, presentations, plug and play templates, loads of examples and workbooks. I also created an online community with over 100 other visual creatives where we share our wins, share jobs, ask questions and organize meetups/shoots. 

This course covers everything I’ve ever learned in my journey of becoming a profitable and successful photo-/videographer from start to finish. I cover the fundamentals to freshen up your memory or help you get started if you’re new to all of this (what gear do you need and how/when do you use it?) But a majority of the course covers the business side of things: How do you get clients, how much money should you charge, how do you pitch yourself so no one can resist your offer, how do you negotiate prices and so much more. 


So basically, all entry levels, if you don’t know where to start or if you feel stuck: this is for you. 

Nope, you can start whenever you want since you keep lifelong access to all of the modules, the online community AND the updates made to the course. As soon as you purchase the course you will receive your log-in details and from there on it is up to you when and how frequently you work on the course. The course is designed to guide you step-by-step in 5 weeks (1 module per week) so if you want to get the most out of it, keep this in mind. 

€697,- excluding VAT (this is €550,65 excluding VAT which you will get back if you are a registered company/freelancer) 

Yes! You can pay in 2, 3 or 5 installments. 

Yes, you’ll get access to 2 live coaching sessions of 1.5 hours with me and other creatives, here you can ask me anything and I always take my time to answer your specific questions in detail. In the online community you can also ask questions about your work, pricing, technical stuff etc. or simply ask for feedback on your work. I always make sure I answer within 3 days. I do also offer 1-on-1 coaching but you can purchase this separately.

“Thank you Eva for making a course that is so straight to the point, jam packed with information on how to genuinely improve your skills, mindset and so much more. I love the realness / authenticity of this course and even though I’ve been doing photography for about 4 years I feel confident that my work is finally improving!”


– Hollie Galvin