Nice to meet you

My name is Eva and I’ll teach you how to become a successful and profitable photo-/videographer in today’s industry.

The EVA Academy is an online platform where aspiring photo-/videographers can connect, inspire & be inspired. With the online Creative Course, upcoming in-person workshops (abroad), 1-on-1 coaching and digital products it’s my mission to help you become a confident, profitable and successful photo-/videographer in the current industry. 


Growing a creative business doesn’t have to be hard, you just need to know which steps to take first.

Hi there creative, I am so happy you’ve found me!

Like so many people, I’ve always known that my dreams could never fit in a full time office job. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with office jobs, don’t get me wrong… I just knew I wanted to be able to travel, create with my camera and earn money. In 2015 I started my study: communication, media & design in the hopes that I would be educated on how I could combine my hunger for visual creation with starting a profitable business. I’ve always wanted to become a photo-/videographer but I didn’t want to become a starving artist.

“I was determined to figure out how I could live a comfortable life, making a living with my camera.”

Unfortunately, I soon discovered that a lot of creative studies nowadays are based on outdated theory, basic techniques and don’t really have a clue about how to become a profitable & successful freelance creative. So, next to studying I’ve spent 4 years learning the ins- and outs of video, photography, marketing and branding. It was hard, I am not going to lie. At 1 point I worked 3 bar-jobs to afford my cost of living and invest in my dream of becoming a full-time photo-/videographer.

lightroom presets summer - Eva Glasbeek

“By taking a risk you embrace possibilities”


In 2019 things took a turn. I had learned so much that I was ready to show my work and put my business strategy to the test. I started working with high-end influencers, traveled to 20+ countries in 1 year  to work with big brands and had my first 5-figure months.  Curious about how you can find this same level of freedom and creativity too? I’ve got you. When I was doing that shit-study, not knowing where or how to start as a photo-/videographer, I promised myself that: If I could figure this out one day, I was going to teach other creatives exactly how to get there. So, here we are! Up until now I’ve already been able to help over a 100 visual creatives to pave the way into becoming a profitable and successful photo-/videographer and I can’t wait to share all of my ways with you too!