How to Become a Profitable and Full-time Photo-/Videographer

Are you passionate about photography and videography but struggling to turn it into a full-time career? I’ve been there. Many creatives face challenges in building a successful business, finding the right clients, and pricing their work. In this blog, I’ll share the steps to becoming a profitable and full-time photo-/videographer, even if you don’t have a massive portfolio or a clear niche yet.

Discovering Your Passion and Potential

Before diving into the world of professional photography and videography, it’s essential to assess your current skills and passion for the craft. To begin, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you already own a camera (regardless of the type)?

  • Are you committed to becoming a full-time photo-/videographer?

  • Do you lack confidence in marketing yourself as a professional?

  • Are you struggling to make a living from your creative work?

  • Do you find it challenging to find the right clients?

  • Are you unsure about how to price your services and fear asking “too much”?

If these questions resonate with you, don’t worry. Many successful creatives, including myself, have faced similar challenges in the past.

Learning from My Experience: My Journey

Eight years ago, I found myself in the same position as many aspiring photo-/videographers. I knew I wanted a life as a full-time creative but didn’t know how to achieve it. After investing time and money into the right tools and strategies, I transformed my passion into a thriving business.


Now, I want to share my experience and knowledge with others through my online course: “How to Become a Profitable and Full-time Photo-/Videographer.”

What to Expect in the Course

The course aims to guide you through the exact steps I took to become a successful creative. You’ll learn about:

  • Building a strong portfolio

  • Attracting your ideal clients

  • Pricing your services confidently

  • Marketing yourself as a professional

Additionally, the course will provide access to a creative community where you can connect with other photo-/videographers, share your wins, ask questions, and collaborate.

vintage effect in lightroom - Eva Glasbeek

Your Success is Our Mission

I am eager to hear your thoughts on the course and whether it covers what you’re looking for or if you feel something is missing. As the course is still in development, there’s an opportunity to add any desired content based on your feedback.

Thank you for joining me on this journey to becoming a profitable and full-time photo-/videographer. Your success is my mission, and I’m excited to help you achieve it. Together, we can turn your passion into a thriving career and create a fulfilling life as a full-time creative.

Happy shooting!

Eva Glasbeek