€15,99  including VAT.

Unlock the world of cinematography with the Cinematic LR Presets.

This pack includes 6 exquisite Lightroom presets individually crafted to infuse your photos with warm, moody, and matte tones. Transform ordinary photos into cinematic masterpieces, adding depth and character inspired by your favorite movie scenes (think of:  Joker, the Matrix, The Revenant, Wonder Woman & Moonrise Kingdom)

Key Features of Cinematic LR Presets:

Enchanting Transformations: Effortlessly enhance your photos with presets that bring out warm, moody hues, creating an instant cinematic atmosphere.

Versatile Styles: Tailored for various scenarios, these presets are ideal for outdoor shoots, studio lighting experiments, or natural light settings.

Professional-Grade Quality: Whether you’re a photographer, content creator, or enthusiast, these presets elevate your imagery, ensuring each photo tells a unique and compelling story.

Lightroom presets are your shortcut to exceptional edits, improved efficiency, and a consistent visual style. Regardless of your expertise level, Cinematic LR Presets offer a seamless solution for cohesive, warm and mature photography.

How Does It Work?

01 | Install the presets compatible for Mobile or Desktop App (see compatible software list below).


02 | Create or save the preset as shown in the download PDF (comes with your purchase)


03 | Select photo to edit.


04 | Apply your favorite Vintage Preset to create any aesthetic, mood, or vibe that matches your style.


05 | Make adjustments to intensity, exposure and warmth if needed.


06 | Share your photos with the world and tag me @presetsbyeva 😉

Enjoy the convenience of creativity Cinematic LR Presets work seamlessly on both mobile and desktop platforms.
Edit on-the-go or refine your shots with precision on your computer; the choice is yours.


These presets (.dng/.lrt/.xmp file formats) are compatible with:


Mobile apps (iOS & Android):

✓ Free Adobe Lightroom (.dng)
✓ Both .jpg & raw image formats


Desktop apps (Windows & Mac):
✓ Adobe Lightroom Classic (.xmp)
✓ Adobe Lightroom CC (.xmp)
✓ Adobe Photoshop Camera Raw (.xmp)
✓ Both .jpg & raw image formats